Sunday, July 20, 2008

It Must be Over 'cause the Fat Lady Sang!

Well,  Miss Ginger's reign as Miss Mint Julep ended today as she turned over the crown to the very deserving Alicia Allure, shown with Miss G in this photo.


Aaron Patterson won Mr. Mint Julep,  and Brandi is the first crowned Ms. Mint Julep,  so Legacy Community Health Services will be well represented in the coming year!

It was a FABULOUS afternoon,  and Donnie and the staff at Rich's did a great job helping the event go off without a hitch.  Miss G had to return for her stepdown sashless,  as you can see by the photos. She turned the house upside down looking for it and never could find it.  After the event,  as she moved the seat in Veronique forward to put stuff in the back, there it was.  Oh, well,  the show went on, sash or not.

As always,  the Krewe of Olympus put on a production number beyond compare,  starring Queen Kaylynn and King Robert as Sandy and Danny from Grease.


 There were also great numbers from ERSICSS and ICOH, as well as the Gill Family and some employee groups from Legacy.  Kaye Sadilla was twirling so fast in her final performance that this was the best picture Dad could get of her!


ShyAnne, as always, was the hostess with the mostest, ably assisted by Holly Redwood and Robert Harwood.

If you remember the Mint Julep kickoff held on Derby Day, you will recognize Miss G's bonnet, which was auctioned off today to raise more money for Legacy.  MB was the highest bidder,  so it can now take up space in her garage!


It was a great day of fundraising and the group raised thousands of dollars to support Legacy's programs!

Now there's one day to rest, relax, and recoup before the big trip across the pond for Sonna and Miss G.  After such a big day they need the rest,  so they are bringing along Miss G's staff to take lots of photos and update the blog with the daily happenings!  Be sure to check it out daily!

Here's a shout out to all of Miss G's new readers,  who have recently discovered TFBOMGG! It was great getting to meet some of you today at Rich's!  Be sure you subscribe so you are notified of updates,  and leave a comment or 2 just to let Miss G know you still love her!  Love to all!!!


bostex57 said...

Thanks for the Mint Julip update and so happy you ware able to turn you title over to another Krew member to keep the title in the Krewe family.

timmyhou said... were fabu yesterday!  Thank you for your ongoing support of Legacy.  Have fun across pond.  When you have tea & crumpets with Liz at her palace, tell her that Kaye Sedilla sends her best (from Palm Springs).